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India is in the throes of change - social, political, economic, ecological, spiritual. Change is the permanent law of nature but it brings it's own challenges. At times, humans deal with change well, at times it is a bit of a struggle. Currently we are struggling with the tsunami of change around us.

As tsunamis go we cannot face or fight it alone. We need to build teams and structures to deal with it. Sim for India is an effort in that direction.

Sim for India is starting off as a forum for all humanitarian, pluralistic people who wish to be the change they want to see. Change is not easy and we need to support ourselves and others during this change we are bringing.

Sim for India is open to ideas, to suggestions, to solutions that will help change and improve this city, this country and the world. Every journey begins with a small step and the first step we are taking with this Lok Sabha election.

Sim Khirid is standing as a candidate for the Pune Lok Sabha constituency in the 2019 elections.

The politics of India is in a state of flux. Majority of the people of India are under 40 but mostly all parties are populated by those above 70. A mismatch of generations, a mismatch of energy levels, a mismatch of the future.

To eliminate these mismatches and bring the future of India back into the hands of those who are in the majority, we need to stand and fight the elections. Hence we have Sim Khirid standing as an independent candidate.

No political party today provides a holistic vision for India. But all of them have a few good points and policies. As an independent candidate, you can support all the good issues while giving the others a miss. This luxury is not there if one were affliated to any party.

We welcome you to join us in this initiative and contribute in whatever way you can. You can send your ideas and suggestions to tackle current and future problems, You can contribute financially, you can give your time and energy by volunteering with us, or you can help in any way you deem fit.

                                           Email : sim4india@gmail.com     
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