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    Why Sim






One may wonder what can a single person do?

The simple answer is - A Lot.

Without encumbrances and mental chains, Sim brings a fresh approach to all issues.

Being unattached to any ideology, Sim can team up with diverse others to achieve goals.

Having a solution focused approach, results can be obtained for all.

My aims and objectives for Pune are

1) Soft Skills Training for all those from lower and mid income backgrounds in Pune
Soft skills to be provided - communication skills, financial literacy, etc.
2) Public Transport
PMPML should be run by qualified transport professionals for a population of 6lakhs +
3) Infrastructure
Ring Road
Arterial Roads
MSW (Municipal Solid Waste)
4) Women's empowerment
Self defence, skills generation, microfinance options etc.
5) Improve educational outcomes at public schools and private schools (with Pratham, TFI & others)
6) Lok Adalats for faster clearing of all pending cases
7) Rainwater Harvesting
8) Solar City
9) An online/phone system to receive complaints and suggestions for better governance
10) Housing
Container housing option for all working people with 1 or 2 kids
11) MSMEs
Strengthen them by providing supplementary services
12) Train a volunteer force to use RTI Act to check on all Govt policies and implementations
13) Air & Water Pollution
Tie up with TERI to find effective practical solutions
14) SHG (Self Help Groups) run canteens and toilets
15) Push to introduce 108 ambulance service
16) Forestation of hills in and around Pune, tree planting within Pune metro limits
17) An annual International Festival for Marathi Art & Literature
18) International Yoga and Meditation festival in Pune

For India

1) Benchmarking and rating of utilities - national and global.
2) Consider core causes of inflation and resolve structural issues for the same
3) Bring in Rs 5 lakh annual interest earned exemption per person.
4) Energy efficiency drive - on all fronts - transport, industry, buildings, goods etc
5) Revamp all Gov-Citizen processes to ensure better delivery of services
6) Utilise existing constitutional institutions (CEC, CVC, CAG etc) to tackle corruption
7) Create a knowledge database where all success stories (panchayat, municipal, state and central government initiatives) are documented and shared with all
8) Community colleges for lifelong learning

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